Hanzala R.A. has been mentioned in two stories of Fazail e Amaal:Allegation of contradiction

One group has published an article against Fazail e Amaal.

Their Allagation:
 Hanzala R.A has been mentioned at two Places in two stories 
In One he has been shown as newly married and went for uhad Battle and Got Martyrdom.
In Second story it is mentioned that He was with his Wife and children.
How it is possible???????????

Those who made allegation their knowledge is superficial.
Actually Hanzallah Name was of two Sahabah, One was HANAZALAH Ibne Rabih R.A. who was Katib e Wahee and other was Hanzalah Ibne Malik who got martyred in the battle of Uhad.

(May Allah save us all from making baseless allegation against other muslims. Only Allah can save.)
 (Refrence Ibne Hajar Asqalani Book Alasaba Vol 1 Page 359,Sharah Mishkat Vol 5 Page 60)


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