Fazail e Amaal Relation with Tablighi Jamaat

The role and status of Fazail-e-A’mal in Tableegh Jama’at

1.It is a total misconception that Fazail-e-A’mal is the guide book of Tableegh Jama’at. 

2.The concept of Tableegh Jama’at was not derived from this book, nor is the jama’at dependant on this book to do the work of tableegh.

2.They thought it necessary to stipulate such a book that would encourage people towards good deeds, and thought that Fazail e Amaal serves the purpose. But its role is of facilitator only. 

4.However, it is not compulsory upon each an every person who joins tablighi Jamaat to read this book.

5.Many of the Arabs who are doing this effort chose to read Riyadu-s-Saliheen instead, and they are allowed to carry on with this work.

6. Similarly Hayatus Sahaba and Muntakhib Ahadith is there.(collection of Quranic Ayah and Ahadith on Iman, Salat, Ilm O Zikr, Ikram E Muslim, Ikhlas E niyah,Dawat E Ilallah,and Tark e Layani. 

7. Therefore, it is totally incorrect to regard this book as the guide book of Tableegh Jama’at.

8.The guide book fro all Muslims are only Quran and Ahadith.
Those who are accusing that guide book is Tableeghi Jamaat is Fazail E Amaal. They will get their answer on the Day of Judgment.
Allah knows the best.JAZAKALLAH