What is not in Fazail e Amaal

What fazail e amal is not.          It is not a book of.
  1. It is not not to explain any ruling of Shari’ah.(Masail).It doesn't contain Masa'il why because tabligh jamaat has people from all four Madhab (from different school of thoughts), so they might indulge in arguing with each other and it will not create a conductive situation. So for Masail they are advised to seek guidance from Muftis/Alims or authentic books of Alims on the      subject.
  2. It is not a book of Aqeeda
  3. It is not a guide book for Tableeghi Jamaat.
  4. Tableeghi jamaat is not dependent on it. Even to meet its above mentioned objective it also has other books on virtues of  good deeds ie MUNTAKHAB AHADITH, RIYAZUSSALIHIN,HAYATUS SAHABA.     JAZAKALLAH